• The core mandate of the HPRS Department is to formulate health policies for the FCT Health Sector.
  • Setting goals, priorities and agenda of the FCT HHSS.
  • Coordinating  the activities of the other HHSS Departments  and Agencies to guarantee the achievement of the goals of the FCT Health Sector.
  • Development  of plans, programs and strategies for the implementation of the FCT Health Sector policies.

Functions of HPRS Department:

  • Development of health plans (Rolling, Medium and Perspective).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Programmes, Projects and Plans implementations.
  • Coordination and regulation of   Health- related Research activities FCT.
  • Routine collection and processing of health data and statistics
  • Coordination and regulation of   Partners and NGOs working with the FCT HHSS.
  • Development and deployment of e-health platform in the FCT A hospitals.
  • Planning, development and management of strategies to improve Health workforce.
  • Development of plans, mobilization of resources and investments for health care financing in the FCT. 

HPRS Structure:

The Department has two main Divisions; –

1. Planning Division

2. Health Informatics, Research & Statistics Division.

  1. Structure of Planning Division:

The Division is made of the following Units/Desk & programmes:


  • Plans and Program
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Health Care  Finance Equity and Investment (FCT Health Accounts, NHIS/FHSS Desk& Basic Health Care Provision Fund DesK


  • Human Resource for Health (HRH):
  • Electronic Health (e-Health):
  • Public-Private Partnership & Non-Governmental Organizations (PPP & NGOs).
  • AGIS/LAND/Health Plots Desk
  • Structure of Health Informatics, Research & Statistics Division:

The Division is made of the following Units and Desk:


  • Research
  • Health Informatics/HMIS Unit


  • HHSS Library & Archives Services.