The board is responsible for delivery of primary health care services to the populace in the FCT through the PHC facilities.
It is structured with five departments, namely:
a. Department of Primary Health Care
b. Department of Disease Control
c. Department of Pharmaceutical Services
d. Department of Planning, Research & Statistics
e. Department of Administration & Finance

Department of Primary Health Care
It is responsible for the following duties:
i. Immunization services such as National Immunisation Day Programme (NID) in conjunction with other health related agencies against poliomyelitis, measles, etc.
ii. Family Planning /Maternal & Child Health: Educating parents on family planning methods as well as offering such services to couple that require them.
iii. Control of diarrhoea diseases/respiratory infections
iv. Bamako Initiative/Essential Drug Programme
v. Schools’ Health Services
vi. Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Programme (BFHIP)
vii. Nutrition Services.