The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and all its Secretariats, Departments and Agencies (SDAs) has transitioned to the new electronic collection platform Remita to bring about efficiency in revenue collection while blocking all avenues of leakages and also provide improved convenience to payers. The platforms provides multiple payment channels that makes it easier for payer to make payment and in a timely manner.

This covers all the SDAs revenue/service types provided to the general public to be collected either directly on Remita or initiated through the SDAs integrated portal with Remita.

You can now make payment to any FCTA Secretariat, Department or Agency (SDA) of your choice via any of the payment channels convenient for you as follows:

How to make the payment
 Access the e-Collection platform via
 Click on “pay TSA &States”
 Click on “Who do you want pay” and enter the name of the Secretariat, Department or Agency of your choice. You can enter “ABUJA” “FCT” or “FEDERAL” to provide a drop down list of SDAs, where you can now select your preferred
 Click on “Name of Service/purpose” to display a drop down list of service types provided by the SDA and select your choice.
 Enter other payment details as required and click ‘SUBMIT’ to generate Remita Retrival Reference (RRR)
 Select any preferred electronic payment channel ( card, internet banking, USSD, Wallet, Phone Number or select Bank Branch to walk to any closest bank branch of your choice to complete your payment)

Payer will be issued an electronic receipt following payment, which you can take to the specific SDA to receive the applicable service.

If you have any queries or require any assistance on making payment to FCTA and any of its Secretariats, Departments and Agencies (SDAs) please contact the SDA or the Treasury Department, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) or send a mail to (

Signed management
Thank you.

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