The Honourable Secretary Health and Human Services Secretariat Dr. Abubakar Tafida has commenced a sensitization tour to Area Councils in the FCT to create awareness on preventing the onset of Cholera prior to raining season in the FCT

During the advocacy visit to the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) Dr. Tafida said Cholera is absolutely avoidable if necessary measures are put in place to check the possible course by the relevant stakeholders, enlighten the populace by properly informing them on the causes and possible preventive measures of cholera disease will go a long way to prevent the outbreak in the territory.

Speaking further, Dr. Tafida. said, FCT as a responsible entity has made available resources that will prevent the outbreak.

Chlorine will be used to disinfect water that is contaminated and the Primary Health Care Facilities within the FCT Area Councils will be fully equipped to curtail the disease incase of an outbreak.

Dr. Tafida urged the stakeholders; Primary Health Care Workers, Public Health Department, Rural Water Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) to be on alert and ensure that FCT is free from any outbreak, collectively he said stakeholders should strive to avoid lost of life to Cholera this year 2022.

Responding, the Executive Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council Honourable Abdullahi Adamu Candido appreciated the Secretary’s effort of his pro- activeness in addressing the issues as according him “Preventive is better than cure”.

He said, achieving a positive Health Care delivery system, there must be a collaboration. Candido assured Dr. Tafida of AMAC’s utmost support to prevent any of the outbreak of Cholera FCT.

The Mandate Secretary further extend the advocacy visit to Kuje Area Council were he was received by the Executive Chairman Mr Abdullahi Suleiman Sabo and all the Traditional Districts Heads along with his management team.

Dr. Tafida reiterate the need for this awareness exercise at this crucial time as the rainy season is about to commence. The people at the grass roots need to be educated on the courses of Cholera disease and the preventive measures in the FCT.

Speaking during awareness exercise, the mandate Secretary called on the Traditional leaders to propagate the massage to the people in their community and by this we will prevent any out break of Cholera again. Reviewing the experience of last year, he said about 77 person’s lost their life of the out break and for this year we will not allow that to happen again that is why he has taken this pro active measures of sensitization and creating the awareness.

Last year our Hon. Minister of the FCT through Save One Million Lives Program for result and RUWASA provided 118 Boreholes in various affected communities were there is problems of portable water
supply in the area councils affected.
This year the Administration through the rebranding process of primary Health Care services in the FCT is ongoing.

The disbursement and utilization of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund in the 62 selected Primary Health care facilities, spread across the six Area Councils have been harmonized their minimum service packages are been reviewed, improved monitoring and supervision of service delivery and high level of engagement of prompt communities are planned in the FCT.

Stating that this present Administration in respective of the party different the soul aims of the government of the day was to served the people and served humanity in FCT.

Reacting to the call, the District Head of Pasali in Kuje Area Council call on Government to assist his community with a Primary Health Care center for his community. According to him that dispite their proximity with Kuje town, Pasali has no Primary Health center in the community.

Other community leaders in the area council reacted that dispite the good work of the Administration, by providing them with modern infrastructure and Primary Health Care center, the center doesn’t have the medical train government personal posted to mine this facilities and the are lay fallow.

The Executive Chairman Honourable Sabo, Comments that the issue of security is the major challenge in the Area Council and is part of the causes of personals not interested in taking posting to some of health facilities in the affected communities in Kuje Area Council. On the case of Pasali the community needed to provide the land to which government could come in to develop the Health facility.
The chairman also expresses his readiness to give the Mandate Secretary his maximum corporation.

The Mandate Secretary assured the district heads with their corporation he is ready to served FCT residents. He encouraged them to out source within their community trained health personal that could volunteer services like reutine immunization, childbirth and neutritional service within the community and will be submitting regular report to office as the will be motivated in the Primary Health Care centres.

Accompany with the mandate Secretary are the Ag. Director FCT Public Health Depertment, Dr Saddiq Abdulrahman, Ag. Ex. Secretary FCT PHCB Dr. Yakubu Mohammad, WHO FCT representative, RUWASA and other relevant stakeholders.


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