FCT Primary Health Care Board

The board is responsible for delivery of primary health care services to the populace in the FCT through the PHC facilities.
It is structured with five departments, namely:
a. Department of Primary Health Care
b. Department of Disease Control
c. Department of Pharmaceutical Services
d. Department of Planning, Research & Statistics
e. Department of Administration & Finance

Department of Primary Health Care
It is responsible for the following duties:
i. Immunization services such as National Immunisation Day Programme (NID) in conjunction with other health related agencies against poliomyelitis, measles, etc.
ii. Family Planning /Maternal & Child Health: Educating parents on family planning methods as well as offering such services to couple that require them.
iii. Control of diarrhoea diseases/respiratory infections
iv. Bamako Initiative/Essential Drug Programme
v. Schools’ Health Services
vi. Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Programme (BFHIP)
vii. Nutrition Services.

Federal Capital Territory Administration, Garki Area 11,

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